I realized that when I start learning a new language, I hardly find teachers will show me the overall of the language. I think to understand the language overall can help me know what I am going to deal with from now on. Being a teacher at italki makes me understand the importance of overall knowledge 全体的な知識. Because of this, I decided to always cover the overall knowledge for all level of students.
You can check my free 5 min lesson video on my IGTV.
The contents:

Japanese Lesson 101

Japanese Lesson Introduction 101 slides. It contains 12 PowerPoint slides (including title slide) in a pdf form. In order to get a free lesson,  follow bahasa.sensei Instagram and direct message me! I will give you the coupon code. If you like this content or you have questions about my slides please comment below! 頑張って~

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In brief, what I explain in my video:

  • The differences between English and Japanese Structure
  • Japanese Grammar Overall
  • Three types of Japanese Character
  • You don’t need to mention “Subject” and “Object” in Japanese.

After you finish this course, the next step I recommend you to do is to start memorizing Hiragana and Katakana.
Interactive Hiragana and Katakana.

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